Pipers Grading


Piper Grading

Competing pipers are graded according to ability. There are also some age level competition events that are conducted, most notably Under 21 years events. Gradings are (in ascending order):

1. Novice
2. D Grade
3. C Grade
4. B Grade
5. A Grade

Some competition organisers conduct events for former winners of selected A Grade competitions. Examples of this are:

1. The Clasp for former winners of the Comunn na Piobaireachd Gold Medal, run at the Hawke's Bay Highland Games, Easter
2. The Premier March, Starthspey and Reel, Otago Centre, Dunedin, Queen's Birthday weekend
3. The Clasp March, Strathspey and Reel for former winners of the Silver Chanter, Christchurch, Labour weekend

Pipers’ grading is controlled nationally with geographic representation and support from local senior pipers. This is an attempt to ensure parity across the country within each grade. A piper’s grade is valid for one year, effective on 1 July. Regardless of the success a piper may enjoy over that year, their grade remains the same until they have been regraded.

The Pipers and Judges Grading Committee co-opt local senior pipers to form the grading committee. Current members are:

Greg Wilson, Convenor , Christchurch [hyperlinks on names to email addresses]
Stuart Finlayson, Ruakaka
John Hanning, Wellington
Brian Switalla, Auckland
Brendon Eade, Hamilton
Richard Hawke, Christchurch