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About Auckland Centre:

Before the Piping & Dancing Assn was constituted the promotion of piping and dancing in the Auckland province was under the control of the Northern Athletic Union, a breakaway group from NZ Athletic Union.

After the First World War and until the 1930’s the Auckland Centre was formed, disbanded and reformed several times.  It took until 1934 before the Centre ultimately came under the jurisdiction of the Piping & Dancing Assn of NZ.

Nevertheless strong organisations such as the Highland & National Dancing Society and the Auckland Caledonian Society existed during the first half of the century and competitions were regular and well attended.

Ruby PhillipsRuby Phillips (Auckland) aged 18 years 

Miss Gwen MacNaughton

Miss Gwen MacNaughton (Auckland) aged 16 years 

From time to time delegates attended Council meetings in Wellington but it was not until 1973 that the Auckland Centre began to send regular delegates to Council meetings.  From 1958 – 1973 the Auckland Centre was represented by Mr Ian McKay (later Sir Ian) of Wellington as the resident delegate.  In the 1970’s it was moved that it was time we sent our own Auckland delegate. 

Auckland Centre runs two Solo Piping events (one in August and the other at the Auckland Highland Games in November) and three dancing competitions (Easter Awards, August Competition and the Auckland Highland Games in November).  There is also a network of incorporated societies running competitions in the larger Auckland isthmus which are supported by the Auckland Centre.

The highlight of the calendar year is the Solo Piping and Highland Dancing at the ‘Auckland Highland Games’.  This is held on the third Saturday of November and this year will be at our new venue – Ellerslie Race Course.  The event is sponsored by the Auckland City Council and is free to members of the public. 


Current Committee Members:

Patron: Carol Jahnke

President: Pamela Fleming

Vice President: Merv Appleton

Secretary: Kendall Reid

Treasurer: Glenys Gray

Dancing Competition Secretary: June Wright

Piping Competition Secretary: Kaye Turrell

 Committee: Kay Grout, Bridgette Marchant, Carol Jahnke, Johanna Lees, Nikki Reynolds, Fiona Cording, Kendall Reid, Brodie Reid, Anna Ashmore, Gina Hegarty, Dot Edmund.

Meritorious Award:

Mr Willie Schultz

Mrs Dolly Black

Mrs Val Ashford

Mr Ian Lyons

Mr Allan Murgatroyd

Mrs Jean Baxter

Mrs Marlene Willoughby

Mr Colin Topp

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NOVICE MARCH:1st Britta Keer-Keer 2nd Isobel Rhodes 3rd Charlotte Rhodes


                                    “The Piping Points Cup”:  Britta Keer-Keer


D GRADE PIOBAIREACHD: 1st Ruaridh Martinoga 2nd Joseph Peyroux


D GRADE 2/4 MARCH: 1st Joseph Peyroux 2nd Isobel Rhodes 3rd Britta Keer-Keer


D GRADE STRATHSPEY AND REEL: 1st Ruaridh Martinoga 2nd Joseph Peyroux 3rd Britta Keer-Keer         Orkney and Shetland Society Challenge Cup Ruaridh Martinoga


“The Jocks Cup” Most Points D Grade: Joseph Peyroux


C GRADE PIOBAIREACHD:  1st Mackenzie Loudon 2nd Rupert Nielsen


C GRADE 2/4 MARCH: 1st Rupert Nielsen 2nd Mackenzie Loudon  3rd Alex Nielsen


C GRADE STRATHSPEY AND REEL: 1st Mackenzie Loudon 2nd Rupert Nielsen 3rd Alex Nielsen


“St Andrew’s Society New Lynn Challenge Cup”  most points C Grade: Mackenzie Loudon


B GRADE PIOBAIREACHD: 1st Phil Nielsen 2nd Alex Nielsen 3rd Stella Dobbs


Mrs Jack Memorial Piobaireachd Cup : Phil Nielsen


B GRADE 2/4 MARCH:  1st Damian Hodgetts 2nd Alex Nielsen 3rd Josh Hirst


B GRADE STRATHSPEY AND REEL: 1st Damian Hodgetts 2nd Alex Nielsen 3rd Josh Hirst


B GRADE HORNPIPE AND JIG: 1st Alex Nielsen 2nd Josh Hirst 3rd Stella Dobbs


Auckland Pipe Band Centre Challenge Cup: Alex Nielsen


Clan Campbell Shield and special prize most points B Grade: Alex Nielsen



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