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Current Committee Members:

Patron: Brian North

President: Cushla Piesse MNZM

Senior Vice President: Danitta Findlay

Vice President: Jeanie Borsboom

Secretary:  Judith Zaloum

Treasurer: Colleen Cole MNZM

Competition Secretary: Colleen Thorman

Assistant Competition Secretary: Danitta Findlay

Permit Convenor:  Cushla Piesse MNZM

Championship Convenor: Danitta Findlay

Membership Co-ordinator/Trophys: Celia Tanner

Programme/Permit Committee: Jeanie Borsboom, Danitta Findlay, Colleen Cole, Colleen Thorman

Council Delegates: Cushla Piesse, Danitta Findlay, Jeanie Borsboom

Scotia Pacific Co-ordinator: Phillipa Gill

Catering Convenor: Judith Zaloum

Committee:  Judy Chatterton,  Sue Gill, Sue Gudgeon, Judith Tuuta, Carla Paton-Jones, Danielle Simpson, Rosemary Armstrong, Katie Washington, Julie Hawke MNZM, Jessica Findlay, Steve Findlay, Bruce Moore, Katrina Greenslade, Sarah Burrows.

Emergency Committee:                                                    Life Members:

President, Senior Vice President,                                    Joan Osborne, Nita Ingram, Colleen Cole MNZM

Secretary,  Treasurer, Life Member                                Cushla Piesse, Judith Zaloum, Brian North,

                                                                                               Bruce Moore.

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Life Members are:

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  • Miss Muriel Waugh*
  • Mrs Joyce Armstrong*
  • Mrs Valda Walker*
  • Mrs Joyce Stephens*
  • Mr Alf Fergus*
  • Mr Fred Burrows*
  • Mr Doug Evans*
  • Mrs Joan Osborne
  • Mrs Nita Ingram
  • Mrs Jeanie Paton QSM*
  • Mr Alister Miller MBE*
  • Mrs Adrienne Haberfield*
  • Mrs Colleen Cole MNZM
  • Mrs Pat Whyte*
  • Mr Brian North
  • Mr William Tie*
  • Mrs Judith Zaloum
  • Mrs Cushla Piesse MNZM
  • Mr Bruce Moore

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With the preceding day’s weather looking somewhat dubious we were greeted with a gloriously sunny day for the 8th Hororata Highland Games held on the 11th November this year.   With too many activities of a scottish nature to list you are invited to visit the Hororata Highland Games website to view what is a comprehensive follow-up of the day’s events.  (

From our highland dancing platforms that hosted this year 103 highland and national dancers the following were the successful winners of Piping and Dancing Assoc.  championships that were held:

South Island Championships – Reel  O’Tulloch under 16 years, Ariana Watkins;   Irish Jig (Single Time) Open, Mhairi McLaren.

Centre Championships – Irish Jig under 9 years, Georgia Tamasi;    Highland Fling under 11 years, Charlize Blakely;   Seann Triubhas under 12 years, Charlize Blakely;   Irish Hornpipe under 13 years, Ella Wilson;   Highland Reel under 14 years, Danielle Joy;    Highland Fling under 16 years, Danielle Joy;   Sword Dance Open, Abby Smith.

Most Points in Classes – 6 years and under, Boh Allison;   Under 8 years, Georgia Tamasi;   8 & under 10 years, Tamati Graham;   10 & under 12 years,  Bridie Fifield;   12 & under 14 years, Danielle Joy;   Under 16 years,  Mhairi McLaren;   Open, Hannah Roche.   Most Points Champion,  Danielle Joy.

Our adjudicators for the occasion were Mesdames, Pamela Fleming, Janet Allison (both of these judges were appointed for the inaugural games in 2011) and Yvonne Fenemor who adjudicated at the Hororata Games of 2012.   These judges were duly impressed by the steps forward that have been made to our highland dancing activities.   Dance pipers for the day were Rob McNabb and Jono Findlay.

We look forward to welcoming all of our highland dancers, parents and supporters to the 2019 Hororata Highland Games on the 9th November.

End of Year activities

To bring their dancing year to a close some concerts were held by local dancing teachers (Cushla Piesse and Julie Hawke) plus not forgetting the 30 November being St Andrews Day a ceilidh was held by the Scottish Society of New Zealand in their Edgeware Road Hall.  Some photos (above) show some of the entertainment at these events.

 NEW YEAR HONOUR - Our Centre President Cushla-Mary Piesse was made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to Highland Dancing.   Congratulations to Cushla on her well-earned award.


The ever popular Summer Fling, organised by the Christchurch Balmoral Club of Teachers and Judges, this year held at the St Margaret's College, took place during the month of January 2019.     175 enthusiastic dancers took part in the courses offered providing learning with pleasing social activity.  The demonstration concert attracted a full attendance of parents, supporters and many other family members and was held in the school auditorium on the Sunday evening.   Amongst the many awards made a new award was presented by Cushla Piesse and Jeanie Borsboom in memory of their daughter and sister Katie.   A mass Highland Fling performed by all dancers present was in honour and remembrance of loved past Balmoral Club Member Katie McDonald.


The New Zealand Championships for all three classes were held in Blenheim during the days 12 - 14 July 2019 and as always in the Marlborough Centre a memorable celebration of highland and national dancing took place.  Congratulations go out to all the dancers that performed over the long weekend of dancing.  Special mention must be made of the ranked dancers from our Canterbury West Coast Centre that took part in the prestigious competitions.      The rankings our local dancers achieved from their individual classes were -      UNDER 16 YEARS -   1st Abby Smith;  2nd Mhairi McLarin; 3rd Millie Christie;   5th Ariana Watkins; 8th Danielle Joy.    UNDER 18 YEARS -  3rd Charlotte Sloper;  5th Evelyn Clarke;  6th Eirinn MacLean;  7th Megan Harrison;  10th Kaitlyn Hall.   18 YEARS AND OVER -  1st Angus Hendry;  4th Elyssa McDonnell; 5th Courtenay Henshaw;  7th Britney Moore;  10th Annabel Watts.  Our Centre was well represented in the ten rankings of New Zealand at this year's championships.  Congratulations!

Winners of the allocated South Island and Under 21 Years New Zealand Championships for 2019 have been-

Under 16 years - Seann Triubhas, Danielle Joy; Reel O'Tulloch, Abby Smith; Irish Hornpipe, Ariana Watkins; Irish Jig (Double time) MacKenzie Woolley.;

Under 18 years- Highland Reel, Abby Smith;  Reel O'Tulloch, Evelyn Clarke;  Irish Hornpipe, Charlotte Sloper.

Open - Sword Dance, Brooke Smith; Highland Reel, Evelyn Clarke;  Sailors Hornpipe, Milly Christie;  Irish Hornpipe, Annabel Watts;  Irish Jig (Single time) Elyssa McDonnell;  Irish Reel, Mhairi McLarin.

Solo Piping Open Piobaireachd, Greg Wilson;  Open Hornpipe & Jig, Greg Wilson;  New Zealand Under 21 years Strathspey & Reel, Logan Dale.