Canterbury / West Coast Centre

Current Committee Members:

Patron: Brian North

President: Cushla Piesse MNZM

Senior Vice President: Danitta Findlay

Vice President: Jeanie Borsboom

Secretary:  Judith Zaloum

Treasurer: Colleen Cole MNZM

Competition Secretary: Colleen Thorman

Assistant Competition Secretary: Danitta Findlay

Permit Convenor:  Cushla Piesse MNZM

Championship Convenor: Danitta Findlay

Membership Co-ordinator/Trophys: Celia Tanner

Programme/Permit Committee: Jeanie Borsboom, Danitta Findlay, Colleen Cole, Colleen Thorman

Council Delegates: Cushla Piesse, Danitta Findlay, Jeanie Borsboom

Scotia Pacific Co-ordinator:

Catering Convenor: Judith Zaloum

Committee:  Sue Gill, Sue Gudgeon, Judith Tuuta, Carla Paton-Jones, Danielle Simpson, Rosemary Armstrong, Katie Washington, Julie Hawke MNZM, Jessica Findlay, Steve Findlay, Bruce Moore, Katrina Greenslade, Sarah Burrows.

Emergency Committee:                                                    Life Members:

President, Senior Vice President,                                    Joan Osborne, Nita Ingram, Colleen Cole MNZM

Secretary,  Treasurer, Life Member                                Cushla Piesse, Judith Zaloum, Brian North,

                                                                                               Bruce Moore.

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Life Members are:

(Deceased *)

  • Miss Muriel Waugh*
  • Mrs Joyce Armstrong*
  • Mrs Valda Walker*
  • Mrs Joyce Stephens*
  • Mr Alf Fergus*
  • Mr Fred Burrows*
  • Mr Doug Evans*
  • Mrs Joan Osborne
  • Mrs Nita Ingram
  • Mrs Jeanie Paton QSM*
  • Mr Alister Miller MBE*
  • Mrs Adrienne Haberfield*
  • Mrs Colleen Cole MNZM
  • Mrs Pat Whyte*
  • Mr Brian North
  • Mr William Tie*
  • Mrs Judith Zaloum
  • Mrs Cushla Piesse MNZM
  • Mr Bruce Moore
  • Mrs Danitta Findlay
  • Mr Steve Findlay

- These names have been sent by Centres and the list may be incomplete. Any omissions please contact your Centre Secretary.





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Sat, Mar. 18, 2023
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Jun. 9 - 10, 2023
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Oct. 13 - 14, 2023
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Sat, Nov. 4, 2023
Hororata Highland Games