Otago Centre Queens Birthday Weekend Solo Piping and Highland Dancing competitions

Event Dates : Jun. 2 - 3, 2018
Centre : Otago Centre
Location : University of Otago and Otago Polytechnic

Event Attachment :
Adobe Acrobat PDF fileSolo Piping Schedule & Entry Form (912 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF fileSponsorship Form (478 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF fileHighland Dancing Schedule & Entry Form (805 KB)

Highland Dancing will be at the University of Otago College of Education Auditorium.

Solo Piping will be across the road in the Otago Polytechnic G Block.

Solo Piping includes U21 New Zealand Championship.



Queen’s Birthday Weekend 2018

D Grade


R B Watt Cup –Event 13 6/8 March

Cody Martin

Alexander Munro – Event  23 2/4 March

Oskar Trafford

Flora McRae Cup – Lady Piper Most Points in Events 5,13,15 and 23

Poppy Donald

Caledonian Society of Otago Cup – MostPoints in Events 5,13,15 and 23

Oskar Trafford

C Grade


S & G Wilson Cup – Event 3 Strathspey and Reel(Otago Championship)

Ben MacLeod

James Osborne Memorial Cup – Winner Event 18  6/8 March

Noah Clarke

Robertson McEwan Challenge Cup – Winner Event 12  2/4 March

Ben Grundy

St Andrew Society Cup – Most points in Events 3,7,12, 16 and 18

Ben MacLeod

Piobaireachd Society of New Zealand Cup – youngest piper to complete Piob.

Oskar Trafford

Under 16 Years


John McVean Memorial 1892-1973 Challenge Cup – Event 11  2/4 March

Campbell Wilson

Otago Challenge Cup – Most Points

Campbell Wilson

R & Z Goodfellow Cup – Youngest Competitor

Dan O’Brien

Under 21 Years


Neil McRae Trophy – Most Points  8.2 and 19.2

Hamish Reade

Gordan MacColl Challenge Trophy – Most Points Local Competitor

Logan Dale

Campbell Challenge Trophy – Winner of Event 8.2 NZ Strath & Reel

Louis Newman

B Grade


Dunedin Silver Medal – Winner Silver Medal Piobaireachd Event 9

James Wansink


Donald Munro Memorial Cup – Event 9 Silver Medal Piobaireachd

James Wansink

Duncan McFarlane Cup – unplaced piper Event 9 Silver Medal Piobaireachd

Hamish Reade

MacNish Cup – Winner Event 17 2/4 March

Campbell Wilson

John Mc Vean Junior Cup – Winner Event 19.2 Hornpipe and Jig

Hamish Reade

Munro Brothers Cup – Most Points 8.1,9,17,and 19.2

Hamish Reade

Scott Marshall Challenge Trophy – Winner Event 4 6/8 March

Campbell Wilson



Special Events 


Donald Ross Cup – Event 2 Otago Pipers Club Qualifying March, Strathspey & Reel

George Mason

Gaelic Society Ramshorn – Event 14 Winner Premier March, Strathspey & Reel

Greg Wilson



 Open Grade


Dunedin Gold Medal – Event 22 Open Dunedin Gold Medal Piobaireachd

Greg Wilson

Angus McMillan Memorial Shield – Event 22 Grade Dunedin Gold Medal Piob.

Greg Wilson

Donald MacArthur Memorial Cup – Event 22 Winner Dunedin Gold Medal Piob.

Greg Wilson

(The Gaelic Society of N.Z.) J L Thompson Memorial Trophy – Event 20   2/4 March South Island Championship

Greg Wilson

Donald & Margaret Bowman Cup – Event 10  Open Hornpipe and Jig

Greg Wilson

Caledonian Society of Otago Cup – Most Points 6,10,20 and 21

Greg Wilson

Hugh MacDonald Memorial Cup – Most Points 6,10,20,and 21

Greg Wilson